Pro Painters Warranty

  • Pro Painters warrants against all peeling defects, within 5 years of paint job. The warranty covers peeling paint or stain only. When failure is detected, owner agrees to contact Pro Painters within 30 days, and Pro Painters will schedule repair to be completed. Repair will consist of scraping, peeling paint, preparing surface and re-painting peeled area only. This warranty does not cover rust, water staining or fading of color, it does not apply to any damage or loss resulting from acts of nature, accident, abuse, moisture, settlement, deteriorated substrate. Pro Painters will supply all paint and labor under warranty coverage at no cost to the property owner. If paint is left from original paint job, please keep in a dry area so we can use paint/ stain for any touch-ups during this warranty period.
  • Unless otherwise noted in the specifications, Contractor warrants labor for items purchased for a period of sixty months from the date of substantial completion of work under this limited warranty. This limited warranty extends only to Owner and is not transferable. To the extent permitted by applicable law, all warranties given by manufacturers pertaining to materials used by Contractor in connection with the project will be passed through and inure to the benefit of Owner. Contractor is not liable under this limited warranty for actual or consequential damages resulting from excessive weather conditions, soil conditions, abuse, lack of proper Owner maintenance, or normal wear and tear. Contractor does not warranty concrete surfaces from random cracking, scaling, spilling, or surface color variations. THERE IS NO IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY NOR ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE. THERE ARE NO WARRANTIES EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WHICH EXTEND BEYOND THE DESCRIPTION WITHIN THIS PARAGRAPH. THIS WARRANTY SHALL NOT APPLY TO CONTRACTOR’S INSTALLED MATERIAL OR EQUIPMENT WHICH HAS BEEN SUBJECT TO ACCIDENT, NEGLIGENCE, ALTERATION, ABUSE OR MISUSE. NO WARRANTY IS MADE WHATSOEVER WITH RESPECT TO MATERIAL, PARTS, ACCESSORIES OR LABOR NOT SUPPLIED BY CONTRACTOR.