Find your perfect painting combination!

Now you can test how your rooms would look in all kinds of colors, without having to wait till the paint is dry.

1 At the bottom you can select from sample rooms:

2 Click on the palette to select from all available painting colors.
The middle part shows a close-up of where you clicked.

At the bottom you can collect your colors - first select the field ↑↑↑ then pick a color to put in it.

3 Paint the walls (and more)

Move the mouse around in the room and click to paint the walls (right-click to unpaint them).

You can paint everything from walls to sofas unless you get the symbol.

The currently active painting color is marked orange:

4 Save your work!

Before leaving the page, selecting another sample room or clicking on a navigation link you should save your painted room using the button.

You can print everything (together with a list of the colors you used) or save the picture only. You can also directly send the setup by email to us or your friends.
If you want to keep the setup, make sure to bookmark the link. With this you can directly enter the editor again, with all colors preserved.

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