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  • Manifestations
    • This rough, crinkled surface occurs when the paint forms a skin.
  • Causes
    • Paint being applied in too thick a layer. Happens more frequently with oil-based or alkyd paints.
    • Painting during extremely hot weather.
    • Uncured paint is exposed to fog, dew, rain or high levels of humidity.
    • Not allowing the first coat of paint to dry for the necessary length of time before applying the second coat.
    • Applying paint over a surface that is contaminated with dirt or wax.
  • Solutions
    • Removing wrinkled coating by scraping and sanding the substrate.
    • Repaint, making sure the coat of top quality paint for exterior use is even.
    • Allow the first coat or the coat of primer to dry sufficiently before applying another coat. Follow the manufacturer’s directions when spreading the paint.
    • It is better to apply two thinner coats than one thick one.
    • This is referred to as the recommended spread rate.
    • Allow extra drying time if the weather is extreme, very cool, very hot or very damp.