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Wax Bleed

  • Manifestations
    • Waxy substance stains come from reconstituted wood products that are used in producing hardboard siding.
    • It may contain staining substances, which bleed through paint and also through some primers.
    • This can cause problems such as poor adhesion of paint, dirt pickup and areas of mildew on the surface.
  • Causes
    • Not applying primer on the hardboard siding prior to painting.
    • Letting hardboard siding become weathered before paint is applied.
  • Solutions
    • Applying a high qualityacrylic latex primer intended for exterior surfaces.
    • Allow sufficient drying time.
    • Then apply high quality acrylic latex paint made for exterior use.
    • Two coats are recommended by the American Hardboard Assoc. to achieve the best results.
    • If the grade of hardboard siding you are treating has already been primed at the factory, only the high quality paint is required.
    • Do not use low quality paint as it is highly pigmented and more likely to develop wax bleeding than the high quality paint.