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Vinyl Siding Warp

  • Manifestations
    • Vinyl siding panels that were repainted buckle or warp.
  • Causes
    • Vinyl siding painted in a darker color than the original shade.
    • Darker paint absorbs more heat from the sun and transfers it to the substrate.
    • If vinyl siding expands to a high degree, it is not capable of contracting back to its original size.
  • Solutions
    • When painting vinyl siding, select a shade that is lighter or identical to the original.
    • Best choices include white, off-white and pastel colors.
    • Use top quality acrylic latex paint because it is the most flexible and can withstand the stress of the expansion and contraction caused by extreme weather conditions.
    • If siding is buckled or warped, have it assessed by a contractor experienced in siding and repainting. In some cases, the siding must be replaced.