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Tannin Staining

  • Manifestations
    • Tannins from the substrate migrate to the surface of the paint film causing tan or brownish discoloration.
    • This is typically found on cedar, mahogany and redwood, or over painted knots in some other kinds of wood.
  • Causes
    • Inadequate priming and sealing before applying paint to the surface.
    • Using a primer that does not provide sufficient stain resistance.
    • If excess moisture escapes through the exterior walls, it can carry a stain to the surface of the paint.
  • Solutions
    • Correcting possible sources of excessive moisture. Read section on Efflorescence and Mottling.
    • Clean surface thoroughly and apply a high quality acrylic latex or stain resistant oil-based latex primer. c
    • When working with severely stained boards, oil-based stain-resistant primers work best. If you encounter an extreme case, apply a second coat of primer.
    • Be sure to allow sufficient drying time between coats.
    • Finally, apply a coat of top quality latex paint.