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Poor Gloss Retention

  • Manifestations
    • The paint film suffers deterioration.
    • As a result there is a rapid and excessive loss of luster from the top coat.
  • Causes
    • Using an interior paint to cover an exterior surface.
    • Using a low quality paint product.
    • Applying a gloss alkyd or oil-based paint to a surface that stands in direct sunlight.
    • The fact is that direct sunlight can degrade paint’s binder and pigment. This will cause chalking as well as poor gloss retention.
    • NOTE: All paints eventually suffer some loss of luster over time.
    • It is the lower quality paints that lose it within a short time period.
    • Top quality acrylic latex paint is resistant to UV radiation; but, oil and alkyd binders absorb it and that causes binders to degrade.
  • Solutions
    • Prepare the surface for paint exhibiting poor gloss retention in a way similar to what is used for surfaces affected by chalking.