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Poor Galvanized Metal Adhesion

  • Manifestations
    • It is possible for paint to lose its adhesion due to a substrate that is galvanized metal.
  • Causes
    • Surface has not been properly prepared including the inadequate removal of rust.
    • A primer has not been applied prior to painting with an oil-based or vinyl product.
    • Failed to sand off a baked-on finish that is enamel or glossy before applying a coat of paint.
  • Solutions
    • Remove any rust from the surface using a wire brush.
    • Apply a corrosion-inhibitive primer made of acrylic latex.
    • Applying one coat is usually sufficient. If galvanized metal has been painted previously, and contains no rust, it can be painted without first applying a primer.
    • Galvanized metal that is unpainted requires an application of a latex metal primer.
    • It can then be painted with a top quality exterior acrylic latex product.