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Poor Alkali Resistance

  • Manifestations
    • Paint film on fresh masonry undergoes a loss of color and overall deterioration.
  • Causes
    • Fresh masonry may contain lime, a very alkaline component.
    • Until the new masonry has “cured” for a year it can have a detrimental effect on paint film.
    • Curing is accomplished by the masonry reacting with carbon dioxide in the air, thereby dissipating its natural alkalinity.
  • Solutions
    • Prior to painting new masonry, allow it to cure for a minimum of 30 days. The ideal curing time is one year.
    • When that is not possible, coat the masonry with a high-quality, sealer or latex primer that is alkali resistant.
    • Then apply a top quality, all acrylic latex exterior paint.
    • This type of paint contains an acrylic binder that is resistant to the detrimental effects of alkali on fresh masonry.