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  • Manifestations
    • Losing paint because of poor adhesion.
    • When a surface is covered by a primer and one or more top coats of paint, one or more of those coats may peel.
  • Causes
    • Moisture seeping through joints that were not caulked or where the caulk is worn. It may also seep through leaks in the walls or roof.
    • Excessive moisture escapes through exterior walls. This occurs more frequently if the surface is coated with an oil-based paint.
    • Surface was not adequately prepared.
    • Low quality paint was applied.
    • Oil-based paint was applied on a wet surface.
    • The paint had previously shown blistering.
  • Solutions
    • Pinpoint the source of moisture causing the peeling.
    • Prepare the surface by scraping the loose paint off with a stiff wire brush.
    • Sandpaper the rough edges.
    • Apply an appropriate primer.
    • Finally, repaint the area using a top quality acrylic latex exterior paint because it will provide the optimal adhesion and resistance to water.