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Nailhead Rusting

  • Manifestations
    • Spots and stains on the surface of the paint that are reddish-brown in color.
  • Causes
    • Iron nails that are non-galvanized will rust and that rust bleeds through to the surface of the paint.
    • Non-galvanized iron nails were not countersunk and filled over as they should have been.
    • Iron nails that are galvanized begin to rust after being sanded or exposed to excessive weathering.
  • Solutions
    • If non-galvanized nails were used in new exterior construction, they should be sunk and caulked with a water-based, siliconized or all-acrylic caulking material before being painted.
    • Each should then be spot primed and painted using a high quality latex paint.
    • If nailhead rusting has already taken place, wash the rust stains, remove the rust by sanding and use the same preparation technique as used for any new construction.