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  • Manifestations
    • Patches of fungus growth on painted or caulked surface that appears to be gray, brown or black.
  • Causes
    • Damp areas receiving little or no direct sunlight are vulnerable to this condition. Some examples are the underside of eaves and walls that have a northern exposure.
    • Using paint of a lower quality because it might contain insufficient mildewcide content.
    • Not applying primer to bare wood prior to painting.
    • Painting on top of a substrate or previously applied coating without removing existing mildew.
  • Solutions
    • Test the area to determine if mildew is present. Apply a small amount of household bleach to the unidentified discolorations.
    • You can identify it as mildew if it disappears.
    • Wearing eye and skin protection, treat with a 3:1 solution of water and bleach. Let stand for 20 minutes, adding to the application as it dries out. After 20 minutes, scrub the area. Rinse thoroughly.
    • Brush on an exterior latex primer.
    • Then apply the highest quality exterior latex paint.
    • Use satin, semi gloss, gloss or flat paint depending on your preference.