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  • Manifestations
    • Occurs when the color of the paintappears to be lighter or thicker at the point where wet and dry layers overlap during the application.
  • Causes
    • Not maintaining a “wet edge” by using the best brush stroke technique.
    • Using low quality paint.
  • Solutions
    • The way to maintain a wet edge is by applying the paint towards the area that is unpaintedand back to the surface that has just been painted.
    • This technique is referred to as “wet to dry” and results in the surface looking smooth and uniform. This can also be achieved by painting a smaller area at a time.
    • Plan ahead to end brush strokes at a natural breaking point, a door or window for example.
    • This takes on an even greater importance when applying stain to untreated wood. Generally speaking, alkyd paints provide a first rate wet edge appearance.