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Fading/Poor Color Retention

  • Manifestations
    • This is when the paint color lightens excessively and/or prematurely.
    • It most frequently happens on surfaces that have sunny southern exposure.
    • It can also result from chalking of the painted surface.
  • Causes
    • Using a grade of paint intended for the interior on an exterior surface.
    • Using a low-quality paint that will result in rapid degradation (chalking) of the painted surface.
    • Painting with a color particularly susceptible to damage from UV radiation.
    • This includes bright shades of yellow, blue and red.
    • Tinting white paint that is not manufactured to be amenable to tinting.
    • Adding an excessive amount of tinting to paint that has a light or medium base.
  • Solutions
    • Removal of the chalk to the greatest extent possible.
    • Then repaint the surface with a high-quality house paint manufactured for exterior use. Select a color that is appropriate for outdoor use.