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  • Manifestations
    • As water passes through masonry or mortar, crusty, white deposits of salt are leached from the area.
    • This is referred to as efflorescence/mottling.
  • Causes
    • Inadequate preparation of the surface. Specifically, when all previous deposits of efflorescence are removed.
    • A high degree of moistures escapes from behind masonry walls on the exterior.
  • Solutions
    • When it is caused by excessive moisture, block the source of that moisture. Fix any leaks in the roof.
    • Clear the downspouts and rain gutters. If the masonry contains any cracks, seal them with a caulk that is water-based and premium quality siliconized acrylic or all-acrylic. When the moist air originated within the building, install exhaust fans or another ventilation system.
    • Vents may be needed especially in the bathrooms, kitchen or laundry room.
    • Using a wire brush, take off any efflorescence and any loose material. Alternatively, a power washer or power brush may be used.
    • Thoroughly rinse all debris from the surface. Then apply high-quality solvent-based or water-based sealer or primer for masonry.
    • Let it dry completely.
    • Finish by covering the surface with top quality elastomeric wall coating, top quality masonry paint or top quality exterior house paint.