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  • Manifestations
    • This problem involves dry paint film that splits through one or more coats of paint. Eventually, it leads to paint failing completely.
    • It begins with the appearance of hairline cracks and continues to worsen when the flaking starts resulting in paint chips.
  • Causes
    • Using paint of a lower quality, which provides less than optimal flexibility and adhesion.
    • The paint was applied to the surface in an insufficiently thick layer.
    • The surface was not adequately prepared. This is especially true when no priming is done and the paint is applied directly to the bare wood.
    • When applying latex paint in windy weather conditions or when it is too cool outside. This causes the paint to dry too rapidly.
  • Solutions
    • When the cracking has not affected the substrate, loose and flaking paint can be removed.
    • You can scrape off the loose or flaking paint using a wire brush. Then sand the area, feathering the edges of the affected surface.
    • Apply primer to the bare spots and then repaint.
    • If cracking has affected the substrate all the paint should be removed. Scrape it off, sand the area using a heat gun to facilitate the process.
    • Apply primer and repaint the entire area.
    • Use a high-quality latex paint intended for exterior use.