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  • Manifestations
    • Weathering can cause the color to fade resulting in a fine powder forming on top of the paint film. This result is called chalking.
    • Some chalking occurs as part of the normal wearing process.
    • Heavy chalking, however, can be the cause of film erosion to an excessive degree.
  • Causes
    • Application of low-gradepaint that is highly pigmented.
    • Using interior paint on an exterior surface.
  • Solutions
    • Begin by removing as much of the residue caused by chalking as possible. Favored method is using a stiff bristle brush and scrubbing.
    • Then rinse to remove all residues. Power washing is an alternative method. Allow surface to dry.
    • Run your hand over the scrubbed area to determine if any chalking remains. If you detect any, treat surface with a coating of acrylic latex or oil-based primer.
    • When working on masonry use a wire brush to clean the surface. Next, prime with a comparable sealant.
    • When no chalking remains, priming is unnecessary. Final step is to repaint using a high quality exterior paint.