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Chalk Run-Down

  • Manifestations
    • Washing down of chalk from an excessively eroding painted surface can ruin the surface of the lower area.
    • For example, chalk run-down from an exterior wall can ruin the appearance of a brick foundation.
  • Causes
    • Using low-quality paint that is highly pigmented.
    • Painting an exterior surface with an interior paint.
    • When factory-finished metal siding erodes.
  • Solutions
    • Removing as much chalk residue as possible. Using a detergent solution and a stiff brush to scrub stained areas. Rinse thoroughly.
    • In cases where the stains are severe, it may require using an acid wash. If the area treated is a different color after drying, paint with a quality latex paint.
    • Aluminum siding that has eroded should be cleaned using the power washing method. Then apply a quality exterior latex paint.