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  • Manifestations
    • Blistering appears as bubbles on the painted surface.
    • It occurs because of aadhesion being lost, which results in the paint film lifting from the underlying surface.
  • Causes
    • Applying the paint to an area that is warmed by direct sunlight.
    • Applying the paint to an area that is warmed by direct sunlight.
    • When moisture escapes through an exterior wall.
    • NOTE: Occurs more frequently on surfaces painted with alkyd or oil-based paint. Occurs less frequently on surfaced painted with latex.
    • When a film of latex paint is exposed to morning dew, excessive humidity or any amount of rain falling within a short time period after it has dried.
    • If the surface was prepared inadequately, blistering is more likely to occur.
  • Solutions
    • Repair caulking where it is allowing moisture to enter. Install a ventilation system such as exhaust fans.
    • When blisters penetrate the substrate, they must be removed by scraping and then sanding the surface.
    • Finally, prime the wood, allow sufficient drying time and apply high-quality latex paint manufactured for exterior use.
    • If blisters have not reached the substrate, scrape them off and sand the surface.
    • Next, apply a primer to the bare wood.
    • After it has dried, repaint the surface using a high quality latex paint.