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  • Manifestations
    • Term is used to describe patterned cracking on the paint’s surface.
    • It is named for resemblance to scales on the skin of an alligator.
  • Causes
    • Applying an extremely rigid coat of something similar to alkyd enamel over a coat of something more flexible, such as a latex primer.
    • Applying a top coat before undercoat has dried adequately.
    • As the natural aging process of oil-based paint occurs, the elasticity of the paint film is lost due to constant expansion and contraction caused by temperature fluctuation.
  • Solutions
    • Completely remove old paint by scraping the surface, followed by sanding.
    • Use a heat gun to facilitate faster results on large surfaces.
    • WARNING: When using a heat gun be cautious not to ignite paint or substrate.
    • Prime the surface with premium quality latex or oil-based primer.
    • After drying, apply the highestquality exterior latex paint.