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Primer and Color

After the surface has been properly prepared it is time to apply a primer. Remember that the quality priming is a very important step towards achieving the desirable results with a final coat. Priming can be crucial to the final outcome of your painting in so many ways. For example:

  • Preventing stains and marks from appearing on the surface of your final topcoat
  • Blocking peeling
  • Providing optimal finishes
  • Contribute to the top performance of the final coat

The following types of primers can be used according to the surfaces you had previously prepared:

  • Primers for wood surfaces
  • Multipurpose primers are ok for drywall surfaces where adhesion is not an issue, such as previously painted drywall
  • Primers with special characteristics of low odor and environmentally friendly structure
  • Primers for Pre-Wall covering
  • Primers with primary adhesion role
  • Primers with strong white pigmenting elements to block water and smoke stains
  • Primers especially designed for the masonry surfaces

When it comes to choosing the right color, you will find our color simulator very helpful for this purpose.