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For achieving the quality results in painting you have to use the proper techniques. You should adapt your technique to the tool you are using:

  • When you paint using a brush apply the following
    • Always hold a brush as close as possible to its base
    • Only one side of the bristles is to take the paint
    • Do not wipe paint from the sides of the br
    • Tap a brush on the edge of a can
    • Paint gently and equally – no hard pressure with a brush
    • For a painting work which requires high precision use 1” or 2” brushes
    • For a painting work over larger surfaces use 3” or 4” brushes
  • When you paint using a roller apply the following
    • Roll the roller in the paint equally and gently
    • In order to achieve the equal coating, move your roller all the way up and all the way down
    • If you are painting the smooth surfaces, start by making the N or V shape, then spread the paint equally
    • If you are painting the textured surfaces, use a roller with a nap cover of 1/4” or higher