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After careful and thorough planning and preparation you cannot wait to start the actual painting. In addition, you may even think that it does not matter how and in which order you paint. Someone may even say, what is the big deal, it is not rocket science; all you have to do is paint. Nevertheless, the order of activities while you paint is of great importance for the success of your project and to make your job easier. Your painting activities should adhere to the following order:

1. Ceilings

  • Start cutting in with stripes a few inches wide starting at the place where the ceiling meets the wall
  • Now, take a roller and start with the painting. Make sure you keep your edges wet so your ceiling looks even and uniform.

2. Walls

  • Start painting with your brush first
  • Using your brush make stripes a few inches wide where the walls meet with ceiling, floor and woodwork
  • Continue your work using a roller and keep your edges wet for a uniform look. Make sure your first coat is completely dry to the touch before you start applying second coat.

3. Woodwork

  • When it comes to the woodwork it is important to minimize brush marks, have long even strokes and to have a natural starting and ending point

4. Floors

  • You should start painting floors from the corner which is opposite to the exit of the room
  • Using your brush make wide stripes where the floor meets the walls or trim
  • Continue your painting work with a roller