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Cleaning up is an important part of your painting activities. It should not be neglected and minimized due its immense influence on the final results of your painting work, your health, protection of the environment, and eventually through the proper maintenance of your painting tools, to your home budget.

Cleaning up is mainly determined by the paints you have been using:

1.Latex Paints

  • Clean all drops before drying with a paper towel and water unless you are using disposable drop cloths
  • All tools are to be thoroughly cleaned with mild soap and water
  • Use mineral spirits for metal parts on your tools to avoid rusting. This applies if you are not planning to use them for a longer period of time.

2.Oil based paints

  • Clean all drops before drying with a paper towel, mineral spirits and appropriate paint thinner, unless you are using disposable drop cloths
  • All painting tools are to be cleaned with mineral spirits or paint thinner
  • Keep products for cleaning any remaining paint out of the reach of children, pets and open flames
  • After cleaning, brushes and rollers are to be kept in a position which will maintain their original shape

Two more issues relate to proper cleaning up after your painting work is done:

  • Protection of the results of your painting
    • At least two weeks must pass before the newly painted surface can be washed
    • These surfaces are to be washed using a mild detergent and sponge
  • Protection of the environment
    • Save money and avoid wasting paint not only because of the savings in money, but also for protecting the environment
    • Some of the paint can be used later for corrections and touch ups if needed
    • You can keep the leftover paint fresh for future use by putting plastic wrap under the lid when closing the can
    • Before disposal, the latex paint must be completely dry
    • Oil based paints must be disposed of according to your local laws and ordinances. Please contact your city offices for proper disposal instructions.