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Proper surface preparation is the single most important step for achieving quality results in painting, especially when it comes to exterior applications. Preparation of the exterior surfaces includes the following:

  • Removal of old and damaged paint
    • Scraping
    • Wire Brushing
    • Sanding
    • Power Washing
    • Chemical Removal
  • Removal of mildew surfaces
    • Washing with a mild detergent, water and bleach solution if you have mold
  • Preparation and cleaning of the area
    • Covering the plants
    • Caulking cracks and crevices
  • Preparation of the glossy surfaces
    • Sanding with agrit paper
    • Removal of dust with a damp rag
  • Choosing the primer
    • Latex based primer
    • Oil based primer
    • A special primer for stain-blocking
  • Bare Wood
    • Removal of weathered gray colors from the surface
    • Thorough removal of dust
    • Sanding of the wood which was previously weathered
    • Priming with latex or oil based primers designed for exterior wood surfaces
  • Treated Lumber
    • Prior to painting the treated lumber must be made moisture-free through evaporation
    • Priming should be done immediately aftercleaning
  • Aluminum
    • Washing of aluminum siding with a mild detergent or pressure washing
    • Removal of white color oxidized areas with a scouring pad and water if necessary
    • Application of a specialized primer for bare aluminum surfaces
  • Iron, Steel, and Galvanized Metal
    • Removal of rust with a wire brush
    • Cleaning of the surface
    • Application of anticorrosion latex primers and special solvent based primers for metal surfaces
    • Make sure you specify the type of metal when you ask for a primer
  • Masonry
    • Removal of old paint and/or dirt, by sanding, scraping or pressure washing
    • Application of primer specifically designed for masonry surfaces