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When it comes to storing the remaining paint after your job is done you shouldkeep the following important facts in mind:

  • Clean the container’s grooves thoroughly
  • The can’s opening is to be covered with a plastic wrap if your lid is not tight enough
  • The lid is to be closed tightly by hammer tapping
  • If you want to ensure that the can with the remaining oil-based paint is closed tightly enough, turn the can upside down after closing it. This will contribute to the best sealing of the can itself. Caution: make sure your lid is very tightly closed so you do not have a large spill
  • It is useful to put a dab of paint on the lid before storing it, so you can later be reminded of the paint’s color
  • Do not forget to write down where and when the paint was used before storing it
  • Do not store paint in close proximity to a heat source or in sunlight
  • Do not allow the paint to freeze