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  • Cleaning after latex paints
    • Wash your brushes and rollers with warm water and mild detergent
    • After use of water and mild detergent thoroughly wash out all the paint and detergent
    • Remove remaining water by squeezing your brush or roller
    • Leave them to dry
    • Return them to original packaging or wrap them using aluminum foil
  • Cleaning after using oil-based paints
    • For paint removal use mineral spirits or appropriate solvent according to the instructions of the manufacturer
    • If you are using solvent, remove the paint by repeating the washing in several small cans that contain solvent
    • Repeat the process with solvent and cans until the paint has been completely removed
    • The remaining solvent from cleaning brushes and rollers is to be disposed of as required by your local laws and ordinances
    • The tools are to be wrapped in their original packages or aluminum foil