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New Satisfaction Survey

1. What type of work has Pro Painters LTD done on your project?

Interior painting
Exterior painting
Commercial painting

2. Has Pro Painters LTD performed the post-painting follow up call?

Yes, within the time they promised
They have just finished with their work and inspection time hasn’t yet arrived

3. What types of actions were taken after job completion?

Moving of furniture
Removing of tapes
Floors and carpets are swept and vacuumed
All debris is removed
All of the above

4. What types of preparation work were performed?

All furniture, items, and floors are covered with clean drop cloths
Walls and ceilings are inspected for cracks, nail pops, damage etc.
All baseboards, windows, and frames are professionally prepped
All of the above

5. What characteristics have you noticed in Pro Painters LTD staff during the work in your home?

All of the above

6. What is the percentage of your satisfaction with the work?


7. Which word describes in the best way the work of Pro Painters staff?


8. Would you recommend Pro Painters LTD?

I already did
To my family
To my business partners
All of the above

9. How would you like to contribute to our improvements?

By sending you an e-mail
By giving you a call
By writing you a note
In direct contact
All of the above

10. What should be the primary reason for us to visit you again?

To inspect the quality of work
To drink a coffee with us
To do some small repairs
To do some additional works
To provide us with new contacts or your recommendations
All of the above

11. What is your personal opinion about your home after our work?

I can’t recognize it, it looks so good
Exactly what I wanted
Beyond my expectations
Pure magic

12. How did you find out about Pro Painters LTD?

Web site

13. Can we use the pictures and survey of your home as a reference?

With pleasure
With certain limitations
Please respect our privacy

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