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Plymouth Painting Contractors

ProPaintersLTD are the Plymouth painting contractors that do not discriminate between a small project, such as a family home, and a large commercial project, a manufacturing plant, for example. Our employees take great pride in all painting. Churches, however, warrant that extra level of consideration, which means displaying reverence for the hallowed place we are refurbishing. Our painters are trained professionals who receive additional indoctrination in the sensitivity required when painting churches and other places of worship.

A pastor can rest assured that this building used to welcome new babies through baptism and say goodbye to loved ones during funeral services will be treated with respect. We are the Plymouth painting contractors who carefully move religious icons and cover the altar, lectern and communion rails prior to painting. Your floors and carpets are protected with drop cloths. Precious stained glass windows are covered during interior or exterior painting.

Our painters can work second or third shift hours to avoid interrupting your normal routine. We understand you may have to request a delay to hold an unexpected service, a funeral for example. Please call or email to request a consultation with one of our experts. We can discuss your expectations and how ProPaintersLTD can fulfill them. We are the Plymouth painting contractors committed to providing elegant painting and the kind of elite customer service that pleases everyone.

Your exterior and interior can be painted concurrently because we are the Plymouth painting contractors with a sufficient number of painters to send out a crew of any size. ProPaintersLTD begins all exterior projects by power washing the building to remove dust and dirt. After sufficient drying time, we protect your delicate flowers with cloth covers and place drop cloths over sidewalks, entryways and decorative concrete. Next we construct the scaffolding and the actual painting can start.

Most exterior surfaces require two coats of paint for optimal results. We calculate the precise drying time needed between the first and second coat. We are the Plymouth painting contractors who take the proper steps to ensure durability under the most severe weather conditions. The high quality paint we use will look spectacular now and for many years to come. Potential new parishioners will be drawn to your church’s beautiful facade.

ProPaintersLTD, your premier Plymouth painting contractors leaves you with a magnificent structure, meticulously saturated in glorious new color