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Novi Painting

Novi Painting

Interior Painting

Residents living in Novi who need painting work done to their homes can find experienced professional painters who are dedicated to superior results, call on ProPaintersLTD. We are ready and able to take you through the planning process for creating an impressive new decor using perfectly detailed interior painting. We offer consulting on every facet of the project from color selection, to explaining which paints are appropriate to use on each type of surface. There are different kinds of paints for example, latex based, and oil based.

You may want a specific color scheme carried out through the entire house. But, it can be fun to have one or two of your rooms display a distinctively different flavor.

When you are ready to begin, we send in our experienced professionals who have the dedication and expertise to complete the job flawlessly. The rich new color in each room will radiate an ambiance that endures over time. This is because ProPaintersLTD uses only high quality paints to provide our customers with optimal results.

You will enjoy the fresh interior painting for many years to come. ProPaintersLTD also cleans up any mess before leaving your home. Our deluxe painting services include making every effort to assure your satisfaction with the high level of customer service we provide as well as the awesome interior painting.  

Exterior Painting

Do you love the architectural style of your Novi Michigan home? Is the exterior painting  however, detracting from the beauty of the building? When you make the decision to update a shabby exterior ProPaintersLTD will be ready to offer professional advice. There are few homeowners equipped to take on the monumental task of painting the exterior of their home. A crew of experts from ProPaintersLTD brings the scaffolding, ladders, and other equipment, to enable them to paint the difficult to reach second or third story of your home. 

The homeowner’s job entails choosing the most attractive color and determining with the help of our experts which are the best types of paint to use. ProPaintersLTD is well schooled in the subject of paint and can explain which type is appropriate for each surface. We help you make informed decisions based on how spectacular it will look, how durable it will be and how easy it will be to maintain.

We prepare for each exterior painting project by placing cloth covers over your delicate flowers and plants. Your sidewalks, porches and decorative concrete are all covered with sturdy drop cloths. We make a determination on whether or not power washing and a coat of primer is necessary. It is customary to use two coats of paint on the exterior of the home.

When your house stands proudly displaying its new coat of rich, glorious color, ProPaintersLTD continues working. We clean up any mess caused during the painting and restore your yard to its formerly orderly condition. Our history of customer satisfaction is maintained by providing customer service that is beyond excellent.

 Commercial Painting

It is a fact that people enjoy shopping or keeping a business appointment in an attractive and well maintained building. Walking through the doors of one that is faded and run down is not conducive to increasing a business owner’s volume of sales or service. This is a valid reason to consider a renovation to give your building a professional look. ProPaintersLTD has the knowledge and experience needed to provide superior commercial painting services.

ProPaintersLTD can show you the wonderful rainbow of colors available and explain the kinds of paints that are both beautiful and durable over time. Our experts can help you make decisions on color schemes and present other options for you to consider. Plus, we will schedule your painting to have minimal impact on your business hours.

We start each project by protecting your furnishings and equipment by covering them and moving them out of the way when necessary. Drop cloths are placed on the floors. On the outside, landscaping and sidewalks are covered. The interior and exterior surfaces are prepared by washing when necessary. A primer is applied, when needed. Then your building is saturated in the rich, vibrant color you selected.

Naturally, there is some mess left behind as a result of the work. ProPaintersLTD does not consider it your responsibility to clean it up. Our exemplary customer service includes leaving your premises in the same orderly state they were in before we started the job. Our fine reputation is based on one hundred percent customer satisfaction.

Institutional Painting

ProPaintersLTD employees recognize that a high level of sensitivity is required when doing institutional painting. Special consideration must be given to the special needs of patients in hospitals and long term care centers. Our painters take special care to safeguard the health of residents by painting one floor or one room at a time. We adjust our work schedule to accommodate their needs.

Our crew is also sensitive to special needs when painting a church or other place of worship. We cover everything with our usual care and move any religious icons to another room until the work is finished. Schedules can be arranged to paint the areas around entrances and exits after hours, for example, to avoid interrupting scheduled services.

 Exterior and interior painting can be done within the same time period or consecutively. Outside, we gently cover flowerbeds and shrubbery. We use drop cloths to protect porches and concrete walkways around the building. Stained glass windows are covered along with any stationary statues. We advise you of the need for exterior washing or a coat of primer. Then our professionals apply the paint with exceptional skill and careful attention to detail.

After ProPaintersLTD has revived the beauty of your institution with the splendid colors you selected, we restore the area by cleaning up any mess and removing any debris. Our institutional painting job includes exceptional customer service. We are as dedicated to customer satisfaction as we are to the faultless painting we are known to provide.