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Bloomfield Painting Contractors

Interior Painting

The professionals at ProPaintersLTD deliver interior painting services with an elite touch. A discerning homeowner with an eye for decorating flair will appreciate an initial consultation with one of our Bloomfield painting contractors. We can show you the seemingly endless color choices for you to consider. If you prefer a unique shade, we will blend a custom color for your home.

You will be informed of the properties of the various types of paint and learn why each is appropriate for a different surface. For example, there is a flat paint for use on ceilings, a latex based paint most often used on walls and an oil based paint. Of course, ProPaintersLTD uses only the highest quality products when we paint the interior of your home.

After your choices are made and your questions answered, you may be eager for the work to begin as you excitedly anticipate the spectacular change about to take place. We can have a crew of our dedicated painters at your home whenever convenient for you. Our employees pay close attention to the smallest details to assure our valued customers of flawless results. First, your furniture is covered and drop cloths laid over all carpets and floors to protect them from possible drips and spatters. Walls and woodwork are washed, if necessary and a coat of primer applied, if needed.

Now it is time for our talented painters to cover your walls with the rich and beautiful color you selected. As if by magic, your rooms are transformed into the dream interior you envisioned. The fresh paint creates an elegant ambiance that relatives and friends will admire. You and your family will enjoy being surrounded by flawless color for many years into the future.

ProPaintersLTD’s exemplary customer service includes cleaning up when the interior painting is finished. Debris is cleared away and your furnishings returned to their original places. Our employees are polite, friendly and accustomed to doing anything necessary to provide complete customer satisfaction.

Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting is important not only for beautification purposes, but, also to protect and preserve the large financial investment you have made in your home. You may have considered painting it yourself; however, professional attention from ProPaintersLTD, the premier painting contractor, will provide optimal results. We are expert at analyzing the condition of your house and advising you on the process and materials we can use.

Color may be your first concern and our wide array of colors offers many choices. Other factors include how to prepare the exterior for painting by your Bloomfield painting contractors, what type of paint to use and how to protect the area around your house. ProPaintersLTD uses nothing but high quality paint that looks spectacular when we finish the job and has the kind of durability that will look fantastic for many years to come.

Our trained professionals begin by covering your plants and flowers. Sidewalks, your patio or outdoor kitchen and any other decorative concrete are protected by covers and/or drop cloths. Next we power wash the house. Primer is applied, when necessary. As the painters work, they pay close attention to every little detail, making certain every surface is perfect. When the painting is finished, your home will be a bright and beautiful showplace.

ProPaintersLTD does not consider our job finished until your yard is cleaned up, and any clutter caused during the painting is disposed of. Our superior level of customer satisfaction demands that we leave your property as neat and clean as it was before the painting project began.

Commercial Painting

Regardless of the wonderful merchandise in your store or the quality of the services you provide in your office, potential customers are first impressed by the appearance of the place where you conduct business. ProPaintersLTD is aware of this and considers it our business to make certain yours has a well maintained and prosperous appearance. We have the knowledge to advise you, the high quality paints, and the professionally trained painters to apply them.

It is our experience that most businesses prefer to be closed for as brief a time as possible or not at all during the painting project. We can sit down with you and devise a plan to do one department or one office at a time. We can do the interior and exterior at the same time, or separately, whichever is most convenient for you. Our employees are polite and friendly and will show the highest level of consideration to any customers on the premises.

ProPaintersLTD has built a fine reputation as a result of our superior work. Your building will have a fresh and glorious appearance when the painting is finished; and it will retain its new look far into the future. A thorough cleanup of any mess made during the painting is considered a mandatory part of the project. We maintain a record of complete customer satisfaction.

Institutional Painting

ProPaintersLTD has the sensitivity and expertise to work effectively in an institution of any size. When we contract to paint a hospital or care home we accommodate any special needs and arrange a schedule that is convenient for the facility. It is understood that the safety and comfort of the patients must be considered before anything else. We can arrange to do one floor or even one room at a time. The kinds of paint offered include green/environmentally friendly products.

We can dispatch a professional crew of any size to paint the interior and exterior at the same time. You may want only the interior or the exterior painted. We can work any day or time of day to avoid interrupting your care schedule or visiting hours. ProPaintersLTD considers excellent customer service an important component of any painting project.

High quality paints are used to ensure the results will be long lasting as well as beautiful. We cover furniture and equipment inside and landscaping and sidewalks outside to protect them from potential spills. As we rejuvenate your building with glorious color, we pay careful attention to ensure flawless results.

Churches are treated with the utmost respect. If a funeral or other service must be held before we finish the job, we can schedule our work around the time it takes place. Preparation for painting includes carefully covering all stained glass windows and moving religious icons to another room temporarily. ProPaintersLTD takes great pride in the level of customer service we provide; and your total satisfaction is a standard part of the excellent institutional painting we provide.