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Bloomfield Hills Painting Contractors

ProPaintersLTD is a standout on any list of Bloomfield Hills painting contractors. In addition to laudable painting skills, we have the expertise to do justice to institutional projects, hospitals and nursing homes for example. These places cannot be closed temporarily to allow painters free access. Our talented painters have additional sensitivity training that prepares them for handling these special circumstances. 

Medical facilities may require the use of specialized materials in some areas, depending on intended use.  ProPaintersLTD has expert consultants who can discuss special needs with an administrator or other hospital representative. Concerns will be addressed and all your questions about painting will be answered. Rest assured that we are the Bloomfield Hills painting contractors with the proficiency to manage your project successfully.   

We are prepared to send in a crew large enough to complete the work in a short time. Alternatively, our professional painters can work at specific times to have minimal impact on your daily schedule. They can paint one room or department at a time. ProPaintersLTD are the Bloomfield Hills painting contractors known for the elite customer service we consider mandatory. Our dedicated employees pay careful attention to each small detail as they paint. Our customers expect and receive flawless results.

Interior painting begins with preparation such as covering furniture and equipment. Floors and carpets are covered with drop cloths to protect them from possible paint splatters. When necessary, walls and woodwork are washed. Then your faded rooms come alive as the vibrant new color is applied by the premier Bloomfield Hills painting contractors.

Exterior painting starts with power washing the building. After it dries, plants are covered and drop cloths put down to protect sidewalks, statues and entryways. We use equipment that is modern and well maintained. Paint and painting products are always the best quality available. ProPaintersLTD applies color that is beautiful and durable, and will retain that beauty for an extended number of years.

ProPaintersLTD are the Bloomfield Hills painting contractors large enough to paint any size institution. We are also available to paint your single family home. A small project receives the same expert consultation, skilled painters and elite customer service given to the largest, most prestigious institution.

ProPaintersLTD are the Bloomfield Hills painters who automatically consider elegant painting and outstanding customer service two integral parts of any size project.