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Birmingham Painting Contractors

Interior Painting

Our purpose for being in business is to come into your home and, using a personalized color scheme you select, create the perfect background for your home decorating plan. Think of ProPaintersLTD as the colorful garden from which your own decorating talents can bloom. At your request an expert can show you the myriad of colors we offer. If you want something unique we can blend a custom shade for your home.

ProPainters LTD, Birmingham painting contractors does not dictate, but shows you the types of paint most appropriate for the interior painting in your home. We take the time to explain the difference between oil based and latex based products. The paint we use is the highest quality with long lasting properties to retain its beauty over the years.

Exterior Painting

Your home is much more than a building with a roof to shelter you from the rain. It is the place where you entertain, raise your children and fall into bed at night. It is important for you to take pride in where you live, and to protect one of life’s most expensive investments. ProPaintersLTD, the Birmingham painting contractors team has the dedication and experience to complete exterior painting that takes your house from rundown to radiant.

Commercial Painting

Each CEO or proprietor of a business wants to present that business in the best light. ProPaintersLTD is no different. The purpose of our business as Birmingham painting contractors is to make certain your business looks as appealing and prosperous as possible to your prospective customers. Our efforts as a hard working group of talented professional painters, who work with the highest quality products on the market, are rewarded when your building goes from shabby to spectacular.

Call us or send an email and one of our experts will discuss the benefits of working with Birmingham painting contractors, ProPaintersLTD., to take your business to the next level with an exterior and/or interior facelift. We are here to advise you on everything from what kind of paint to use to an appropriate color scheme for the type of business you are in. A physician’s office, for example, is best represented by a conservative color, such as gray or beige. If you are a party planner, a more flamboyant exterior is appropriate.

Institutional Painting

It is an undisputed fact that ProPaintersLTD provides exceptional professional painting services. In addition, when doing institutional painting, our employees are trained in and dedicated to the sensitivity required when working under special circumstances. We understand that a hospital or nursing facility cannot be expected to close to make our job easier. Our painting schedule is coordinated with the schedule of patient care your institution must adhere to.

We can schedule our crew to paint one room, one department or one floor at a time for your convenience. We observe a high level of safety. When our experts discuss color choices, we also offer environmentally friendly/ green products that are now available. ProPaintersLTD., Birmingham painting contractors, adjusts our schedule to have minimal impact on yours.

The high level of customer service ProPaintersLTD is known for includes a complete cleanup of the area before we consider our work complete. Our fine reputation is maintained by always leaving completely satisfied customers behind.